(RE)Introducing Waqf To The World

We are re-establishing the lost Sunnah of the Islamic Waqf, by enabling individuals to establish their own personal Waqf.

Jabir ibn Abdullah said: “Every Companion who had the capacity, established a Waqf.”

(al-Mughni by Ibn Qudama)

Jabir ibn Abdullah said: “Every Companion who had the capacity, established a Waqf.”

(al-Mughni by Ibn Qudama)

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Get an overview of why creating your own Waqf is so compelling and some of the exciting work we are doing to re-establish Waqf.



Learn what Waqf is, from its early history at the time of the Prophet ﷺ through its peak and decline, and view our detailed questions and answers about Waqf and Awqaf



Find out how to establish your own Waqf and tailor it to meet your needs and circumstances.



Contact us to begin the process of setting up your Waqf, joining the iWaqf movement or for a host of other reasons.

9 reasons why you should have your own Waqf

Icon (1. Your Waqf, Your Way)

Your Waqf, Your Way

Because it’s your Waqf it’s also your Way. Everything about the Waqf can be tailored to suit your preferences. This is how it has always been done, and iWaqf believes that everyone should have this opportunity again. Learn more.

Icon (2. Your decide who benefits)

You decide who benefits

You decide who benefits, and that can be you personally, your family, as well as charity in any way you see fit. Most people need their property and want to be sure their spouse and children have unrestricted access after their passing, because its your Waqf, this can all be accommodated. Learn more.


Harness exponential growth

Having your own Waqf enables you to harness its exponential benefit. Unlike normal charity or even ongoing charity, the power of Waqf is that it has the real possibility of growing over time and providing you with ever increasing benefit. Learn more.

Icon (7. large tax savings)

Large tax savings

Ensuring that assets eventually pass to charity can have significant tax savings and provided this can be done in a manner which does not restrict the use of you and your family can be extremely compelling, given the long-term rewards associated. Learn more.


Changing the World One Waqf at a Time

Waqf has the power to change the world for the better. Find out how.

Waqf Register

We have established a Waqf Register to log, track and begin to connect Waqf.

Total number of Waqf Funds created by iWaqf and currently registered.
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Value of all assets held with iWaqf Register.
In Progress
Current number of Waqf Funds being progressed with individuals.
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Provisionally Added
Assets provisionally agreed to add to Waqf Funds in progress.

Fundamental Principles

We have established a set of principles which all Waqf should adhere to. Explore these and join the iWaqf Movement to help spread the word on Waqf.

Connecting the World through Waqf

We are on a mission to (re)introduce the world to Waqf. We believe that  principles of Waqf can have a profound impact for the betterment of the economic system of the world as it currently stands. This is not just pie in the sky thinking, it has been proven in the past. The system of Awqaf was responsible for supporting much of the social infrastructure and fabric of Muslim societies for over a millennium with Awqaf. It can do so again and this time with the possibilities of scale and connection that were unimaginable the first time. We want you to join us in this journey, to learn about Waqf, spread the Sunnah message and establish your own Waqf.

Waqf & Charitable Causes

Waqf transforms the way in which charities fund their projects, allowing for long-term sustainable growth.
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Charity Partnerships

We are working with a number of charities, explore these Waqf charities below.